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Leaving home for a trip to the mall can get old. Wouldn’t you want to just stay in your place and have an exciting adventure without travelling too far? Well, that’s what you can gain when you get a house in Bloomfields Heights Lipa. This residential development has various amenities that can give you more reason to just stay at home when there’s no work to do for the day.

Mother Nature plays a big part in the design of Bloomfields Heights. You can see this influence in the various landscaped gardens you can find here. Around 50% of this residential development is filled with lush greeneries and open areas for your rest and relaxation. Along with these places to relax in, you can also have a way to cool down when the sun gets too hot. There’s a swimming pool you can lose yourself in this pool whenever you feel the need for a quick dip or a reason to enjoy with your friends. As a result, you can be more at peace here in Bloomfields Heights with the aid of these amenities.

Having fun without going too far or spending a great deal of money is possible here. You can use various parks and playgrounds to have an enjoyable time with your whole family. Along with the chance to play with your kids, you also get the chance to gather your friends or extended family for a part you won’t forget. Bloomfields Heights has a Clubhouse you can use for any kind of function in your mind. With the help of this amenity, you can safely enjoy the company or your loved ones in a spacious area for your celebration.

Your home is place that utilizes electricity and water as important resources for your everyday life. These two resources are assured when you relocate here to this residential development, thanks to reliable water and electricity supply lines in Bloomfields Heights. Along with a guaranteed supply of these resources, your security is also assured here. There’s a fenced perimeter guarded by a dedicated team of security personnel to keep all kinds of criminal elements out of your home. These benefits will help you focus on the more important things in life and keep your worries to a minimum.

Rather than spend your precious time finding ways to pass the time outside of your home, why not find an excuse to have fun and relax in the comfort of your own place? If you’re wondering how, Bloomfields Heights has the answer for you. With its set of astonishing amenities available for your usage, you can surely have the time of your lives without going far from your home.

Recreational Amenities

  • Clubhouse with Function Room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Parks and Play Areas
  • Children's Play Area
  • Jogging Path
  • Gazebo
  • Play Court

Subdivision Facilities

  • Landscaped entrance gate with guardhouse
  • 8 to 21 meter wide concrete road
  • 4 meter alleyways
  • Fenced perimeter
  • Underground drainage system
  • Local district water supply
  • Electric lines
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